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BBA held a chat yesterday to discuss Chris Kline’s Top 20 Carolina League prospect list. Here are the questions that involved the P-Nats

Q: Bill Ballew ranked Justin Maxwell among his top 20 in the Sally League, but he is not in your top 20 for the Carolina League, did his age play a role in his exclusion?

Chris Kline: And let’s begin with Maxwell, since I figured he’d be the hot topic of conversation as one of a seemingly endless number of Nationals prospects who unexpectedly made his big league debut this year. I really can’t speak for Bill, but when people mention Ian Desmond ahead of you like they did in my Carolina League calls to numerous field staff and scouts, it doesn’t bode well. Some of that I think was due to scouts–and admittedly me–knocking Maxwell for his medical history… it really had nothing to do with age. Maxwell hit for power, but a lot of that was straight pull. I really like the body when it’s healthy. He definitely has upside … and I guess I can see why Washington sent him up in some regard because of what wasn’t happening at the big league level, but this is seriously a guy who needs a lot more ABs before he’s ready for that.

Q: Mike Daniel seemed to be the forgotten man among the three OF prospects for Potomac (with Justin Maxwell and Chris Marrero), does he have the chance to develop into a major leaguer of some value, perhaps a #4 OF?

Chris Kline: That’s what Daniel is, and he actually had a late swoon to make the list in what was frankly a down year in terms of talent in the league.

Q: Has the prospect ship sailed on Ian Desmond or is there still time for him to develop into a major league starter?

Chris Kline: See, I’m not on that ship. If you ask Aaron Fitt, he’d say I’ve been on that ship since 2005, but Desmond’s defense is legit–right behind Andrus at short in this league. Statistically, they finished with the same fielding percentage (.949) and off the top of my head, I think Desmond played 20+ more games and had over 100 more total chances after Andrus was dealt. I just think ever since the Nats pushed him by keeping him in big league camp nearly all spring two years ago really kind of stunted Desmond’s development. And after that, they sent him to Harrisburg, where he stunk up the joint bad. The defensive tools are for real; the question is the bat. But no, I don’t think his ship has sailed.

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